Mall Together Now

Samsung was looking to feature their phones and tablets in an experiential holiday campaign celebrating the power of doing good.

Abandoned malls are often left doomed to a life of smashed glass and slow atrophy. Milwaukee’s Northridge Mall had been closed since 2003.  But thanks to a team effort from HĒLŌ, Adam Eve / DDB NY Samsung and YouTube personality, Casey Neistat, the abandoned space was transformed into a winter wonderland - complete with gingerbread house, ice skating rink, a sledding hill, snowboarders performing tricks down an escalator…and Neistat himself dressed like Santa.

Welcoming 100 children from the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee into the magical space, HĒLŌ worked alongside the kids on holiday video documenting their wonderful winter playground. The festive experience was then showcased on Neistat's YouTube channel, garnering millions of views.

That surreal image of a desolate mall hosted a completely different kind of surreal image last Wednesday, as among the empty halls popped up a “winter wonderland,” thanks to Leys – now senior director of creator engagement for Samsung – as well as famed YouTuber Casey Neistat and a crew of dozens. For a few blissful hours, dust, glass and ghosts were no longer the only tenants of the long-shuttered mall, replaced by gingerbread houses, snowboarders spinning through the air, Santa Claus and the beaming smiles of children brought in to enjoy the one-day, one-of-a-kind show.
— On Milwaukee