delta + virgin

In 2014, Delta Airlines and Virgin Atlantic formed a Joint Venture connecting Virgin transatlantic routes to Delta’s enormous domestic North American network. By 2018 this route-map had grown to reach two hundred and thirty destinations across the United States.

We wanted to make Londoners aware of this alliance, and entice them to travel beyond the big U.S. cities like New York, Chicago or Los Angeles.

But how? What could possibly lure every Londoner?

Beer, obviously.

We took an artisanal beer from over 200 destinations that make up the Delta/Virgin network- and brought those beers to London.

And then.. great beers deserves a great pub, so we built one.

That’s right. For 10 days, we made every brave beer-drinking Brit’s dream come true.

Our mission brought a boatload of beer to London, but we started many more conversations - between people and patrons, bartenders and brewers. More than anything, we opened up a continent of possibilities to travelers, and got people talking about the Delta/Virgin Atlantic alliance. And we highlighted both airlines’ mutual affection for hoppy brews.