As a brand that has won the hearts and minds of the serious runner, Asics was looking beyond professional running to find new ways to appeal to the “social runners” of the world…

We knew that to engage and excite a young, urban audience we needed to leave traditional advertising in the dust and create something truly different. With that in mind, we gathered 60 influencers from around the world and set them loose on the streets of downtown Los Angeles and into a totally immersive theatrical experience - all while “on the run.” The hugely complex, real time scope of the project meant complete attention to detail – our HELO team executing everything from experience design to detailed production, a user journey ahead and throughout the event, as well as a filmed document of the experience (and plenty of additional content) for global social media release.

The resulting experience pushed all boundaries, advertising as art, marketing transformed into a truly unforgettable cultural event...

Asics brought immersive theater to the world of running recently with an experiential campaign in L.A. that invited urban runners to take part in a film noir-themed story.
— AdAge