Allstate wanted to raise awareness about the dangers of oversharing on social media using one of the biggest TV sports events of the year.

Oversharers. We all know those people: relentlessly checking in at every restaurant, music venue, airport, and store they visit; posting pictures of everywhere they are and everything they’re doing; all in real time. Hell, maybe you’re one of those people! From the warped and wonderful mind of HELO director and partner Jeff Tremaine, came 25 “oversharer” spots that ran simultaneously across the game broadcast, online at and across Twitter, with the entire experience unfolding live. As each spot aired, new items went up for sale on the brand’s website, creating a real-time activation that had people aggressively bidding for items such as the “hobo shower” (lawn sprinkler) and “super trumpet” (tuba), and even a couple’s almost-brand-new Chevy Volt.

The resulting “Mayhem Sale” ignited significant brand awareness and social engagement within hours, contributed to an 18% increase of sales on home insurance, and our “Social Savvy Burglar” spot earning two Silver Effies in the 2016 North American Effie Awards.

The site received 6,000 to 8,000 hits per second immediately following each of the Mayhem commercials that aired on TV, Allstate said, compared to the 2,000 hits per second a typical retail site with a TV campaign receives. Some users on Twitter even reported they couldn’t access the site Thursday night. Total site traffic reached 18 million hits during the game, according to Allstate. The company said traffic and participation to exceeded its expectations.
— The Wall Street Journal