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Zachary Guerra is an award-winning feature and commercial writer/director, alumni of both the US Naval Academy in Annapolis and USC's prestigious MFA film program. At different points in his life Zach was paid to play baseball, competed in Ironman races, and flew for the US Navy. He's currently a writer director and father of 2 kids -- the latter being the more difficult of any of the previous.

A protégé of writer/director Joe Carnahan (Narc, A-Team, The Grey), Zach is currently in preproduction on his indie western called, SURROUNDED and his company War Rabbit Films, has two features in development. Concurrently Zach is writing a thriller for director Tom Dey (Shanghai Noon, Showtime), and a feature based on the Manson family.  

Zach has two television series in development; a docu-reality program with Ali Souffan (THE BLACK BANNERS) for CNN and A&E, and an original pilot called D.O.A. BOUNTY: LOS ANGELES. 

Zach is managed by Grace Ledding at Agile Entertainment, and Spencer Baumgarten at CAA.