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Kyle Ruddick speaks at TED X about One Day on Earth

Kyle Ruddick speaks at TED X about One Day on Earth


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Kyle Ruddick is a documentary filmmaker and interactive installation artist. He comes from a strong VFX background, most notably his work with Lucasfilm on the Star Wars franchise. 

Kyle is the co-founder of documentary film project One Day on Earth, which produced the first film made in every country of the world. As a part of this collective, he is directing a PBS series on the future of the American City and a global film project for the Travel Channel.

Recently, his work has been showcased at festivals such a Burning Man with large audio-reactive interactive projections that track the human body in realtime to create animation. His interactive work also includes dozens of fine art projections showcased in galleries across the country.

Kyle is experimenting with concepts utilizing Microsoft’s Kinect motion-sensor technology to create augmented reality and immersive physical experiences designed for both educational and entertainment purposes.

When he’s not working, Kyle can be found shaping his own surfboards and traveling.